The Rules Don’t Apply Anymore

by Lorraine Esposito on December 9, 2010

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When people are afraid of something they make a rule. Rules keep people out, protect stuff, limit impact, and must be agreed to or enforced. But when a rule is silly, like “thou shall not approach a person of influence until thou are of influence” the rule becomes a loud barking dog with no teeth.  Of course you can approach people, ask questions, offer thoughts and your services–it’s practice!

If you have something of value to bring to the table, come to the table! To get good at making stuff happen in your life you have to practice making stuff happen. Please don’t allow silly barking-dog rules chase you or your children away from practicing and becoming successful.

Regret Stinks!

Have you ever missed an opportunity to say something or make something happen because you were breaking an unspoken rule? How long after the missed opportunity did you regret your decision? If given a chance I’ll bet you would do those things differently now.  Good, I sure hope so and I hope you’re encouraging your children in that way also.  How do you do that?  Influence in action through demonstration, of course.  You’ll not only make more things happen in your life, you’ll also be powerfully influencing your children as they watch you GO FOR IT!

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