Paradox of Perfection

by Lorraine Esposito on January 5, 2012

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The quality of your own life as a parent or a leader is an ethical requirement.  This is a notion about the perfection of your life — not a perfectionist’s idea of flawless — but rather as the perfectly flawed human embraces perfection in all of life’s imperfections.  We are perfect because we are imperfect.

It’s not hypocritical

A doctor can be an excellent healer even if he is overweight or smokes.  A lawyer can be successful representing you even if she has a few legal problems herself.  The point to remember is that you may be perfectly suited to helping your children even while you’re learning to help yourself.  So relax, and begin to lead with your imperfect life.  Often it takes learning to do something for others, namely our children, before we have the courage and skill to apply our great advice to our own lives.  Mastery for the sake of others is a great starting point that can lead you to a greatly improved quality of life.

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