Practice Makes Perfect – But What Are You Perfecting?

by Lorraine Esposito on August 20, 2013

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We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” It means that you’ll get good at the things that you practice doing. It’s true, but it doesn’t seem to easily apply to the important things that people want to accomplish in life.

  • How do you get ‘good’ at losing weight?
  • How do you get ‘good’ at finding a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • How do you get ‘good’ at opening a new business?

Sure, there are skills associated with each goal; getting good at them means you’ll get what you want. It’s easier to make the connection between practice and perfecting something when the goal is straight forward, like passing a football. The more complex the goal, the trickier it is to see the connection.

So, let’s skip the tricky parts by expanding the meaning of the word ‘practice’ to include three more ways to ‘practice’ something:

  1. Spending time
  2. Spending energy
  3. Spending money

Spending time, energy, and money doing something means that you’re physically, mentally, and financially engaged in activities that connect to the end result–finding a romantic relationship is a great example.

Perfecting Romance

  1. If you’re out among people doing things you like, you’re practicing with your time.
  2. If you’re mentally and emotionally engaged in conversations with people, you’re practicing with your energy.
  3. If you’re spending money to create opportunities to meet and engage with others, you’re practicing with your money.

Most likely, you’re going to get what you want.

The Flip Side

  1. If you’re home alone watching TV most of the time, what are you practicing?
  2. If you gossip or worry a lot, what are you practicing?
  3. If you spend money impulsively, what are you practicing?

Remember, you are getting go at something.

What Are You Perfecting?

For one week, pay attention to how you’re spending your time, your energy, and your money.  If it’s in pursuit of your goal, congratulations! You’re on your way to getting what you want. If not, perhaps it’s time to make a new plan and get busy practicing.

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  • Dale Rogerson

    Well now… this came at the perfect moment for me. I’ve been getting more and more focused on what I want to achieve and get easily distracted with “stuff” that has no positive influence or should I say doesn’t bring me any closer to my goals. Thanks Lorraine!

    • Lorraine Esposito

      It’s wonderful to know this for 2 big reasons: 1) I’m happy that you got a timely boost to keep you going, and 2) THAT YOU’RE IN ACTION DOING SOMETHING GREAT! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. PS: Thanks also for the heads up about my typo. I always love help. :)

      • Dale Rogerson

        Indeed… It took me a while to accept that what I want will NOT fall from the sky, all ready to go! I have to work at it and it’ll take the time it’ll take and that’s OK. (Even though I want it yesterday!) PS: You are most welcome I know I appreciate when I’m told I have an “oops”!

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