Posts that are all about you as a parent.

There are many roles a person plays in life and all of them have one thing in common– YOU. Though you bring YOU to every role and every goal, HOW you do that may differ. Articles in this category cover issues like:

* Communicating and influencing your child from ages 2 through teen.
* Communication with your child’s other influential adults, such as teachers, coaches, other parents, clergy, etc.
* Leveraging problems or social issues for deeper trust and rapport.
* Understanding the influence all around you, namely parenting peer pressure.

Go ahead, have a look around and be sure to comment when you’ve stumbled upon something thought provoking. Share your experience and opinions so that everyone in the community can learn and get better at influencing our kids.

Friend the Monster

by Lorraine Esposito
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You’re going to need to bring everything to the table

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Trapped in Guilt

by Lorraine Esposito
Woman in a cage

Four ways to side-step the guilt trap.

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Feeling Fear

by Lorraine Esposito
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Most of the time the fear is a paper tiger – but sometimes not, so only AFTER you’ve checked should you – do it anyway.

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Measure of Your Success

by Lorraine Esposito
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Once the benchmarks of success are defined you’ll naturally position yourself better so that progress speeds up with less effort.

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