Welcome to the neighborhood!

This is as much my blog as it is yours. Supportive communities are vital to successful leadership. Here you can find each other, teach, learn, connect, and pass it on.

What you can do in our neighborhood:

  1. Express our thoughts and receive compassionate and honest feedback
  2. Find great insights and actionable tools that make life fulfilling and fun– NOW!
  3. Find and give support when leading is uncomfortable
  4. Share and champion victories
  5. Feel comfortable and safe because you are respected and accepted
  6. Find solutions to the source of problems not just band aids to symptoms

What you cannot do in our neighborhood:

  1. Disrespect anyone or anything – we really mean it!
  2. Use the neighborhood as a platform to sell anything, pitch anything, gain traffic for your site, or troll for work. (This is really part of #1 but I thought I would be specific.)

Peace in the neighborhood is important so please consider these guidelines as you engage in dialog.

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here!


PS:  Make sure you’ve read through the blog Terms of Use bit; it’s the fine print that protects us all.

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