by Lorraine Esposito

Lorraine Esposito is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC),  nationally recognized author,  speaker,  and coach training instructor for Coachville,  the world’s largest coach training organization.   Lorraine’s client base is diverse including CEO’s in the entertainment industry,  entrepreneurs,  White House and Capitol Hill public affairs staff,   new coaches just starting out,  successful women between 40 and 55 looking for more out of life,   and adults who need a little help to make good on their parenting promises.   The reason Lorraine is successful with such a wide variety of pursuits is that Lorraine coaches people to be strong,  confident leaders who first understand clearly their personal values and strengths so that they can better leverage success from one area of life to build greater success elsewhere.  Thinking for yourself,  playing to your strengths,  and leading in the direction of your dreams are at the root of everything.

Lorraine’s career matches the diversity in her coaching practices.  Starting out in the rural mid-west,  Lorraine has owned three small businesses;  the first, an automobile repair center,  started at age 16.  Her corporate experience is mainly in negotiating multimillion dollar contracts as the buyer of domestic in-flight food and beverages for Trans World Airlines and then as a procurement manager for the New York City Transit Authority.  Lorraine’s strength has always been creatively finding solutions to even the most complicated goal.  Lorraine began coaching health and fitness clients in 1984.  More recent ventures include the release of her nationally recognized book, The Peacemaker Parent, Solving Problems For Today,  Teaching Independence For A Lifetime,  creating and leading The Parent Success Program, a 13 week parent leadership program,  co-host of More Than Good Advice,  and speaking to community and school based organizations across the United States.

Lorraine lives in New York with her husband and two sons who support her passion to create a generation of people who can think for themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better.   ~ L ~