Edginess is in Your Tone

Edginess is a tone in your voice

Communication is much more than the words you use; it’s almost all about the way you say what you say. You tone of voice conveys the true meaning of your words. Just think about how you could change the meaning of something as simple as, “I love you.”  The edgy leader has a tone of honesty and confidence. It’s a sureness in what she says that bespeaks her willingness to risk upsetting your apple cart.  When an edgy leader speaks to you, she shows you the confidence she has in you too. She isn’t interested in your excuses, stories, or coddling you; she is interested in you. You’ll be edgy when you can accept the truth as it is without any dressing.

Talk softly and carry a big edge

This edginess is delivered pretty quietly really. No need to push an agenda or be rude and insensitive. The edgy tone cuts through to the meaningful bits without head-games. The edgy tone helps the listener relax because without the tone of judgment, things are just whatever they are.

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Do you agree that tone is the most important clue to the meaning behind someone’s words?  Describe the difference between an edgy tone and a tone of righteousness.