Why is it so frustrating to get your kids to do their chores on their own?

The many faces of motherhood ;)

Because we aren't teaching them how to want to do those chores.  We're only teaching how to do them. 


Knowing HOW to do something is vastly different from knowing how to WANT to do something.


The Peacemaker Parent gives parents, teachers, coaches and other adults who influence children some simple techniques to teach the how-to-do as it teaches the all- important how-to-want-to-do. 




The Peacemaker Parent , formerly published as The Morning Peacemaker, is a simple and practical method for any parent with children ages 2 to 12 wanting to teach a child more than  just how to read and color in the lines.


Written with a mid-western tone and a commonsense conversational style,The Peacemaker Parent helps you end the struggle over simple chores and transition children into independence. In the words of Psychiatrist Candida Fink, M.D., “This technique is based on the soundest principles of child development and learning science.” Not to worry, the science is made easy to understand and the analogies and personal stories relate it all to real life.


The already witty and engaging text is lightened with 200 off-set quotes that break up the manuscript with a wonderful combination of humor and deep insight.


Following an innovative technique called the Morning Peacemaker Method parents are given a step-by-step practical method for bringing their theoretical goals into the realm of real-life everyday squabbles over homework, tooth brushing, and breakfast eating.


No more idealistic concepts without the practical steps needed for application and results!


Best of all, the book’s method reaches far beyond the tasks of a single day. Teaching children personal responsibility and problem-solving, it gives parents the knowledge and tools they need to raise children who will grow into capable, resourceful, responsible adults. It starts out creating a peaceful morning and ends up creating a peaceful lifetime for the child who learns to face life’s challenges with confidence and independence.


Drawing on the theories of B.F. Skinner and Abraham Maslow (among others), The Peacemaker Parent brilliantly combines trusted science with a mother’s common sense.


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