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  • The Peacemaker Parent is your portable coach to help you fulfill your parenting promises. Readers are given the knowledge and skills and tools to create independent and successful thinkers--starting at age 2!
  • The Peacemaker Parent is a book for parents who need just a little help fulfilling on their parenting promises.
  • Getting your kids out the door on time without saying (nagging) a word.
  • Find out a bit more about Lorraine: where she comes from and why she is a successful coach.
  • Doctors, behavior specialists, parents, teachers, etc. chime in with their comments. Please add yours!
  • Complete review of The Peacemaker Parent by Apes Reviews, Karynda Lewis
  • Order a copy of The Peacemaker Parent from a few sources.
  • How to connect with Lorraine and the community!
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Lorraine Esposito is a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. Find out more about Lorraine here.