The Morning Peacemaker Method

Getting your kids out the door on time without saying (nagging) a word.

The method is included in The Peacemaker Parent!

The Morning Peacemaker Method - It's in the book!

The Morning Peacemaker Method raises the standard for all other parenting books because it includes the practical steps that put all the good advice into action!

 An exerpt from The Peacemaker Parent preface:

The Morning Peacemaker’s step-by-step guidance follows B.F. Skinner’s theory of Operant Conditioning in a practical and easy-to-use application. This theory verifies the premise that learning is fostered best in an environment of reinforcement and incentives. In The Morning Peacemaker, this environment is created by the application of a technique known as Successive Approximations. This technique reinforces correct approximations of a target behavior as a way of promoting the desired behavioral changes. This helps children learn how to make adjustments and encourages them to continue working as the goal of mastery gets closer with each adjustment.  Lisa Galynker, Ph.D.

There is nothing quite as upsetting as to be given good advice that you have no idea how to follow. I have felt helpless and cheated by so many good advice parenting books because they stopped short of giving me the information I purchased their books for in the first place.

The other books left out the steps . ..


It’s so much easier to write a what-to-do book than it is to write a how-to-do book, but that cheats the reader. The devil is in the details and without the details, what good is the advice really? To make changes in your life you must have a plan of action.

No longer will you be left to figure it out on you own because I go into the details step by step.

By detailing the Morning Peacemaker Method, I live up to my obligation by giving you
 what-to-do and specific step-by-step instructions   how to do it

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You will learn EXACTLY how to:

  • Talk to (not nag) your child for maximum results. 
  • Capture your child’s attention day after day. 
  • Transfer responsibility to your child in a positive and supportive way. 
  • Apply non-judgmental accountability. 
  • Create and use simple tools that support the transition from dependence to independence. 
  • Motivate good behavior with incentives, not bribes. 
  • Communicate with your child to establish a deep foundation of trust. 
  • Handle tricky situations such as defiance, forgetfulness and blame . . . and so much more.  

The Peacemaker Parent includes the Morning Peacemaker Method giving you what you need to teach your children to be accountable and responsible in the morning and beyond.

The Morning Peacemaker Method Implements the Peacemaker Parent